76th Panhellenic Mountaineering Gathering

What: 76th Panhellenic Mountaineering Gathering

Who: EOS Corinth

Where: Ntourntouvana (Penteleia) and Lake Doxa

When: 16 and July 17, 2016


The EOS Corinth, organizes the 76th Panhellenic Mountaineering Gathering that will be held on 16-17 July in 2016.


Below you may find the program in detail:




11:30 a.m. : Start time 


Hiking trails:

A: Monastery of Saint George - Giona - Tourkovrysi - Saints - Tourkovrysi - Lake Doxa (duration: 5 ).

B: Saint George Monastery - Giona - Tourkovrysi - Lake Doxa (duration: 3:45).


4:00 pm : Registration at the campsite of the 76th Panhellenic Mountaineering Gathering


7:00 pm : Evening meal.


9:00 pm .: A brief welcome by the organizers and local authorities.

Presentation of the history and the legends of the area. Narrative tale.

Uranography and observing with telescopes.




5:30 to 7:00 am .: Breakfast served with hot mountain tea.


7:00 am .: Opening path starting from the campsite

11:00 p.m .: Gathering at Col Hunter (1.540m), a shady path through a forest of fir and black pine (driving hours: 2:00). Closing ceremony of the 76th PMG


Alternative Proposals for Saturday at 11:30 am :

• Bike routes:

A: Lake Doxa - Syvista - Zarouchla - Lake Doxa (4-5 hours, 40 km).

B: Lake Doxa - Syvista - Lake Doxa (2 hours, 15 km).


• Guided tour to the archaeological site of Ancient Feneos.

For more information:

E- mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Web: www.eoskorinthou.gr


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