The Peloponnese in Greece is the best place in Europe to visit in 2016, says Lonely Planet


Travel guide publisher Lonely Planet has released its annual list of the best places to visit in Europe,and at the top of the list is the Peloponnese, a region often overlooked by travelers to Greece.

According to Lonely Planet, the region is described as “an affordable enclave of magnificent ancient sights like Olympia, Mycenae and Mystra”. 

Lonely Planet’s Best in Europe 2016

  1. Peloponnese, Greece
  2. Aarhus, Denmark
  3. Venice, Italy
  4. The Dordogne, France
  5. Lviv, Ukraine
  6. Warwickshire, England
  7. Extremadura, Spain
  8. East Coast Tenerife, Canary Islands
  9. Texel, the Netherlands
  10. Northern Dalmatia, Croatia

Source: Guardian